Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rag type Baby Blanket

So I read this awesome blog called A Girl and a Glue Gun.  A while ago I read this entry she had on this faux chanille blanket.......and I thought, I could do that!!  So recently I was at my mom's....... she is like my own personal fabric store, she has been sewing for most of her life and always has fabric for me to look through.  So a couple of weeks ago I was at her house and decided to try one of these cool blankets.  I found 4 pieces of fabric that she had had in her cubboards for years and never used.  So I put them all together and started sewing, and sewing..............and sewing some more lol.  It took a couple of trips to my mom's to get the sewing done........ and another trip to do all the cutting.......and then one more trip to do the binding.  And here it is........ I am pretty happy with how it turned it out!  I love the texture!  So thank you to A Girl and a Glue Gun for the fun project! 

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